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Our team

We are honest, friendly, capable and committed with extensive international experience in project management, engineering, contracts management, construction Marketing and Sales.

Our focus is on getting the very best result for you. We know when you purchase our products, that they are a part of much bigger picture. We will work with you from Concept to Completion to help you achieve the best results.

Over time we have forged strong relationships with a number of “preferred contractors”, who we have trained, trust and recommend. They include licensed Builders; Landscape Contractors; Plumbers; Excavators; Retaining Wall Specialists; Renderers; Waterproofers; Engineers; Architects and Building Designers to name a few.

If you have a project that requires pricing, resources, or good professional advice let us know so that we can introduce you to them. Call us now on 0401 839 993

You can now live in a safe, healthy, energy efficient home that is designed to withstand the Cyclones, Floods and Fires that we experience here in Queensland…

Talk to us about our simple, fast and cost effective building solutions.

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