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Ultrafloor is very well suited to Residential construction and in particular house slabs. This is because it's much quicker and cleaner than using conventional formwork and is typically installed in less than a day.

A testament to its suitability is the fact that Ultrafloor is the preferred flooring solution for some of Australia's largest home builders and commercial contractors.

Major advantages of using the Ultrafloor System in House construction are:

  • Speed of Construction (installed in less than a day)
  • Less Concrete (up to 45% reductions)
  • Less Reinforcement (up to 50% reductions)
  • Minimal Site Waste (compared to conventional)
  • Reliable Installers (turn up when we say they will)

Ultrafloor also have a dedicated technical team, who provide full engineering design and drafting for each flooring package.

You can now live in a safe, healthy, energy efficient home that is designed to withstand the Cyclones, Floods and Fires that we experience here in Queensland…

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