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Welcome to QICF Pty Ltd - Smart Building Suppliers for Severe Weather Solutions.

We have selected a range of Building Products to help you build simpler, faster and better, they offer higher thermal, structural and acoustic performance, they are tested and proven, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Capability is the key to our success, whether you want to build an ICF house, need a designer, engineer or builder or already have relationships with those disciplines, we are ready to support you. We have been providing On Site Training to Builders with ICF systems for the nearly 10 years with many happy customers and an established network of preferred contactors who we will happily introduce you to.

If you are an Designer, Architect, Engineer, Developer or Builder we are happy to work with you, we understand your process and will work closely with you from concept to completion to get you the very best results.

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You can now live in a safe, healthy, energy efficient home that is designed to withstand the Cyclones, Floods and Fires that we experience here in Queensland…

Talk to us about our simple, fast and cost effective building solutions.

Check out our products or give us a call - 0401 839 993